Caching Chronicles

26. Jun, 2019

1 Event 1 Multi 1 Traditional 


22. Jun, 2019

Today‘s treat is the 4/2.5 mystery XUDOKU in Croydon. This is the last leg of a 4.5/2 challenge cache - Unknown ABC Challenge that I’ve been working on. I‘d looked for XUDOKU a couple of weeks ago but it was MIA. However I had a much better result at 0620 this morning.

I found that I could park most places in town (away from the tram lines) for free before 0900 so I had a bit of a field day collecting CMs as well as TRAM and REALLY SideTracked caches. These were all trads apart from one CM multi and a mystery VS in Addiscombe.

I had to leave at nine to get home for ten, however, now I know that I can get free parking here, I’ll be back soon to clear up here but not for a few Saturdays as I have other plans.

1 Multi 2 Mystery 13 Traditional 


18. Jun, 2019

As you know I’ve been concentrating on Series caches recently. What I’m also trying to do is to raise my D/T ratio and to decrease my percentage of traditional caches found. So I’ve been looking for more multis and mysteries. I’m only going for trads if they are part of a Series or a higher D or T than 2. Unless it’s a 1/1 as I need 500 of these for a challenge. You know me.🤔

So today, I was up with the lark and heading up to Suffolk. I stopped off in Kelvedon and Feering to get a couple of Nathan’s ST caches and a VS multi and then my next stop was up past Halstead. The VR mystery had been on my solved list for ages so it was good to pick this one up.

Pebmarsh was the next port of call for a VS trad and then WM and VHS multis. Wickham St Paul was a new destination for me and I added its VS and Stumped! trads to the tally. Stumped! is a series in Essex and Suffolk concentrating on visiting cricket grounds.

On the way into Sudbury, I picked up the clever FP multi in Bulmer Tye. I found the All Saints CM at All Saints with its final on the old disused railway track and then another trad at the cricket ground. I stopped off for breakfast at one of my favourite coffee houses after checking their app to see if one was in town.☕️😀

After I’d seen off a sausage bap and a coffee, it was back to the motor for another couple of multis to the north of town. I resuscitated the Cache on the Croft and failed again at the St Gregory’s CM multi.🙁

On the way out of town, I stopped at Brundon Mill to pick up a 2.5/3 trad but it wasn’t that difficult. Up in Long Melford, I finally found the VS multi but failed on the CM. I spotted that Beagle-80 was the last and only finder of this trad. I had found a lot of his caches in Surrey last week and we had made contact over a missing cache. So I texted him and he gave me some hints. He said that it was very vulnerable and as I had searched the very place that he suggested, we agreed that it was probably MIA.🤔

I carried on visiting tiny villages that were new to me, Stanstead, Hartest, the Suffolk Boxted, Brockley etc., picking up CMs and VS caches. Stand out caches were the extremely cunning 3.5/1.5 trad at CM Stanstead which was a real git to find and then the trad CM at Boxted. The Boxted church which certainly had the wow factor. In fact that was the word that came out of my mouth when I entered. This could be a double Earthcache paradise. There were two splendid Onyx statues of gentry and two Basalt horizontal statues of a medieval Knight and his lady. This is one of the best churches that I have ever visited. By the way, the cache was a bit of a standout too.😀

2 Mystery 10 Multi 15 Traditional 


17. Jun, 2019

There‘s a Challenge Cache in Kent that I’ve been looking at. To qualify for Red 5, one has to find at least 5 caches in every day of one month. I noted that if I found at least one cache on the 17th and 30th of June, I would qualify, so I’ve been waiting for today.

Strangely, a CM trad was published overnight not far away in Orsett so this was immediately a target cache as I might also get a FTF.🤔 My luck was in and my name was first on the log sheet. The hint item was cunning, see if you can see it in the photo.

Whilst I was in the village, I went up for the Crossroads cache in nearby Baker Street and had a quick find there. There’s a fine smock mill in Baker Street and whilst I was at the crossroads, I noted the direction sign to Orsett Fen. There was a windmill or was it a drainage mill there some years ago but it blew down in a gale years ago. I have some slides somewhere. I’ve got a load of stuff somewhere.🤔

2 Traditional 


15. Jun, 2019

I’m back in Kent early doors with a list of caches to find. The majority are CMs but the stand out cache of the day is the 3/5 Experienced Cacher - Earthcache Challenge Cache.

First off was the Pentecostal CM in Swanley which was situated on the Swanley Orbital Series circuit. Whilst I was there, I picked up #58 and #59 of that series, silly not too. I spotted some old buildings that reminded me straight away of hop picking. It turns out that they were the washhouses of a former hop field encampment. I went hop picking in Horsmonden in Kent when I was about 5 in the early 50s. I remember my Grandad, Benny, whose real name was George, sitting in an armchair for most of the six weeks.

The EC Challenge was next on my list and after a quick find, I picked up VS Kevington on my way into St Mary’s Cray where I added the difficult CM but failed at Underfeet. I got under the bridge and had a paddle around in my wellies but couldn’t spot the cache.

Time was getting on and I was off to Petts Wood. I found the CM Poverest mystery on the way and then another 5 CMs around the town before having to set off back through the tunnel home for ten o’clock.

 1 Letterbox 2 Multi 3 Mystery 6 Traditional