Caching One Day At A Time

12. May, 2022

1 CITO 2 Multi 5 Traditional 8 Mystery 


8. May, 2022



4. May, 2022

I had a spare hour so decided to go for a walk around the nearby Wat Tyler Country Park, named after the leader of the Peasants Revolt in 1381, who allegedly lived across the marshes in Fobbing. There were a couple of new trads here so I decided to take them in on route.

I had spent a lot of time birdwatching in the park and the first cache was the 3/1.5 Jess’s Jewel near a new hide overlooking what we would called the Fleet. The cache was quickly found but oh, how I wish that I had brought my tweezers with me.🥴 It took me about ten minutes to get the tightly wrapped log sheet out of the false bolt. In fact, I thought that I would have to come back.

Just over the sea wall is an old light ship which was once used as the headquarters of the local yacht club but is now just a rotting hulk. It was originally Trinity House LV44 built in the 1840s. Oystercatchers nest on the decks here so it still has its uses.

I walked around the cinder track around the park to the 2/3 Wat Tyler Scenic View which overlooked Timberman’s Creek. I looked for the cache for another ten minutes giving respect to the D/T. If I had treated it as the 1/1 rating it deserved, I’d have found it a lot quicker.🤔

2 Traditional 


3. May, 2022

It’s bump up my Hertfordshire numbers day so I’m not going for high D/Ts just a couple of series of trads with a few more singletons chucked in.

I was starting in Hadham Cross to the east of Bishop‘s Stortford which is near the western boundary of Herts. I was going to walk the Lottie‘s little look around series of twelve caches. When my Nan lived at 56 Cephas Street in Stepney Green, her doctor was a Dr. Lottie. Whether that was a surname or a christian name, I never knew but I’m reminded of Dr Lottie, and Mickey cake, and bagels, and coal ‘oles.😀

Once I had completed the circular dozen, I picked up a couple more trads on the way to Little Hadham for the sixteen trad Loop plus the bonus cache. The caches ranged from 1.5/1.5 to 3/3 and I found them all bar one, even the plastic rodent at the EXTRA cache.🥴

I had to pay for parking in Stortford but it was reasonable for a change. After a lunch in Cafe Nero, I followed all the bases for the Wombles on Tour AdLab series even grabbing the bonus for this one too. 

I had solved the Open All Hours letterbox some time ago and I expected it to be in a bookshop. Well it sort of was but the kind that you just borrow the books. As I have a multi with the final stage ending in a library I was keen to see how it panned out. I had the Dewey code from the cache puzzle and the code to open the box. Do you remember that old television programme “Take Your Pick” with Michael Miles hosting - you didn’t say yes, did you?🤣 After collecting the prize, it was back to the motor for a few more trad drive bys around town and then home in forty minutes.😀

1 Letterbox 2 Mystery 5 AdLab 36 Traditional 


1. May, 2022

My first stop this morning is the happy hunting ground that is Swanley. I’m after one specific cache and maybe an added bonus and then I’m heading off to Orpington.

As I found an EC in Wales, I qualify for the 79. WTF CC. I needed one EC from each of the countries in GB so I had to get this quickly in case it got archived. After a swift spot, I tried for the JJR?3 “a bit easier“ mystery. I had solved this year’s ago but could never find it when everyone else seemed to. This morning, it was embarrassingly easy.🥴 How could I have missed it.

I crossed the border into Greater London and parked up near the WM ~ Canadian Corner multi. There must be a reason why so many servicemen from Canada are buried here. Was there a convalescent hospital nearby by in WW1? I solved the puzzle and walked to the search area only to pass even more graves for the war dead. RIP chaps.

Orpington Hospital was originally built and paid for by the Government of Ontario in Canada, as a practical war effort during the First World War. Over 26,000 soldiers received treatment at the hospital. 182 died, and of these 88 Canadians, 23 British and 5 Australians who lost their battle for life are buried in the corner of All Saints churchyard, known as Canadian Corner.

I found the nearby CM...Orpington ~ All Saints multI and then set off for the start of the Priory Gardens, Orpington AdLab series. Unfortunately I found that the park wasn’t open until nine o’clock. So I set off on a few drive by trad caches until I reached the Roseberry Gardens multi. This was such a clever idea that I am going to adopt this method myself.😀

I found the nearby ST trad and then set off for Crofton Woods to clear three stragglers from a walk that I did earlier in the year. I had time to fit in two nearby mystery caches, Miss E and then Faceless Killers before heading back to Priory Gardens. 

I knew that it would be tight within the time that I had left so I whizzed around the park touching bases. I had to leave the park a couple of times and found myself passing places that I had already visited this morning. I gathered all the clues for the AdLab bonus but I didn’t have time to collect it on this visit. 

Oh by the way, I reached my 15000 caches milestone this morning.😀

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