26. Jul, 2016

The Hadleigh Saddleback

I need one cache today and I had reconnoitured this one the other day so I thought I could do this in an hour there and back from home! Paid my £1 parking in the Sally Army car park and off into the castle grounds. It was packed with kids and kites and parents climbing the walls trying to stop kids climb walls!

At the westerly gate I took the necessary photo and off the 1500 yds to the easterly point. I reckon it was that long as I'd measured it on the OS map. It was harder coming back up the hill and at the halfway point, I paced out the required distance, took another phot and walked back to the car park. There were lots of Linnets singing, skulking Greenfiches giving their scouser call and a splendid Charm of Goldfinches dotting from thistle seed head to seed head.

Back in time for lunch and day 171 accomplished.