29. Jul, 2016

A road bridge across to the Mersey

I meant Mersea! I had plans of visiting Mersea Island today and breaking my record of 5 different types of cache found in a day. I started off with a letterbox in Little Wigborough and then off to a few caches in a long walk along the sea wall. A multi at the West End Water Tower and then a Wherigo was followed by a welcome Americano and cake near the CM. 

I then got bogged down by some tricky trads and some DNFs before I got to the East Mersa CM. I lucked out here because the person whose grave accounted for the numbers of ABC had recently lost their partner so the gravestone was missing.

i then visited the Mersea Barrow and picked up a puzzle cache. No record unfortunately but 19 caches which is not to be sneezed at.