30. Jul, 2016

Mission GC stage 1 Accomplished!!

So to get my souvenir, I had to find a cache with 10+ favourites over the weekend. Indeed a cache to keep the run going but 10+ caches are few and far between but I knew of one - Gone For A Six at Terling which has been found recently and had 12 favourites.

This was the one, so off I go into a traffic jam with a coach broken down under the A12 at the A130 junction! Finally traversing this! it was off to Terling Village Hall and up the track to the cricket club.

All deserted here despite it being a Saturday but no prying eyes from the outfield as I quickly found the well hidden camouflaged cache. after signing the cache it was off home to see what the souvenir looks like?

In late news, I solved Hanjie Shuffle today after weeks of teaching myself Hanjie. I was hoping that it would fill a D/T square but it seems I found a 4.5/2.5 somewhere! The CO was kind enough to confirm that the coords that I'd arrived at were good.