2. Aug, 2016

Hole In One

Circumstances are not giving me much time for getting out to geocache at the moment so I'm reduced to picking up the odd one each day. I've not got many green blobs near me and as the Thames is about three miles away, I only have 180 degrees of the circle to play with, so opportunities are becoming few and far between.

So when Hole In One in Hartswood, Brentwood came back I to action yesterday, I knew that I had a good chance of collecting another day on my successive day quest. So taking advantage of free parking during the week, I parked up and yomped the 900 or so yards down to GZ for a quick find to cancel the DNFs that I'd had here in the past.

i have been preparing my cache list for the Welsh Mega this weekend in Llangollen. I'm planning to find a cache in each of the North Wales counties concentrating on CMs and SideTracked caches, followed by a few new counties on the way back looking for the same type of caches. 

The Project GC maps should look good on Monday with lots of green where there is now white.