7. Aug, 2016

Mega, Mega, Mega!!

An early start and off to Llangollen! I picked up a few caches on the way and got to the Mega at about 1130. It weren't wonderful by the way but saw beastmarsta, box teddies, peegeenine, the stowmartians and faces that I can't put names to yet. Whilst waiting for the Maze, the Red Arrows roared over.

After doing all that I could at the Mega, I did a few locals and then set out towards Anglesey fulfilling most of my list but blowing out Wrexham due to lack of light.

I got about 50 caches, 10 labs caches, an unexpected 5/1 and many counties. I look forward to the stats tomorrow to see which parts of the maps have bedn filled in. A great day!!!