9. Aug, 2016

All Mega-ed Out

After the excitement yesterday, I was planning a leisurely poodle home picking up a few caches on the way. I didn't sleep that well so went for a walk around town before breakfast. I picked up 15 caches along the canal and then back to eat for 0800. 

On the road at 0830 and up to Wrexham then down into Powys, West Midlands and on south. In the end, I cached in 8 counties, 3 regions, picked up a few CMs and STs to add to the tally.

Tomorrow, it will be back to reality picking up a cache a day to keep the streak going. But for why, I'm on 184 days now, can't see me getting to 366 and don't want to lose the enthusiasm!

Decisions will need to be made. I want to reach 4K by the November Essex meet and that is my main target!