10. Aug, 2016

Back on track - literally!

As it's SideTracked Day, I need to get back out there and get geocaching again! The nearest unfound one to me was Shoeburyness so I got dropped off at Basildon and got a Senior return down to Shoebury for a fiver.

Arriving at the terminus at 1302, the cache was 200 yards away and it was a quick find of this well placed cache. I had a quick look at Stepping Out, reminds me of the John Mayall's Bluesbreakers  Beano album featuring Eric Clapton from 1966 but I joined the list of DNFers unfortunately!

So I walked over to Blue Flag humming the guitar break from "Have You Heard" hoping that I would second time lucky. This time it was a quick find and with nothing else to keep me in this burg, it was off to the station and I was lucky enough to catch the 1341 back home.

Hopefully I'll work out how to load up the ST souvenir!