22. Aug, 2016

Hadleigh Bird Talk - 19th August

Following from where I left off last time, I made my way down to the next stage. Watching for trains, I gingerly crossed the track, remembering that poor Bob Evans was killed by a train near here walking down the track after a night on the town. A bit ironic as he was an H&S inspector for C2C!

Gathering the next set of coords AND those of the bonus cache, off I went towards the seawall. A quick find here but the next plate was a git to find but there it was hiding in the long grass right on the cusp of bank and mud. Good job the tide was out!

Anyway on to the next few plates, with the rain starting to mizzle and there was one plate that I couldn't find. This was probably because my spectacles were waterlogged. I finally found the plate and off to the Next stage where I found the coords for the final cache.

When I got there I knew I'd passed this spot quite a few times before in the past few days. A quick sign of the log, reset the camouflage and off home to dry off. The bonus will have to wait for another day.