22. Aug, 2016

Fairstead Frolics - 20th August

It's International GeoCaching Day and there's a souvenir up for grabs. I'm off for a three hour walk so it's on the cards. I went back to Fairstead to catch up on some more of the re-introduced Essex Way series.

I was also going to try to find some of the Infinison numbers series around here. No idea of the format but it's always tricky to start with on a series like this. I picked up 16 caches today including a fiendish one near the railway bridge. So it was 15 trads and a letterbox for the day, 3 DNFs and a multi to save for another day.

So it's up to 3610 caches so far and hoping to hit 4K by the time of the Essex Meet in November. I should get another certificate. I will have added Spain to the countries cached in list and some of the Southern UK counties by then.