22. Aug, 2016

Bradwell 9PLUS5 Unlocked

I've been after a 5/2 DT for a long time. I even dipped on one on Thursday! I'd worked this one out last week (well, with help from Gilly🙂) and if I unlock it today, I'll plug that gap in the grid.

It was with trembling fingers that I fiddled with the tumblers. There was a spinning sound as the compartment whirred open! I signed the log and replaced the padlock as requested but then the ivy attacked with a vengeance. It was if the guardian of the cache was having its revenge. It knocked my spectacles off and it took me a good 5 mins to find them as I didn't want to tread on them.

With a spring in my step, it was off to the marina to pick up 2 trads and a multi, noting Curlew, Oyks, Gannet and a honking Canada Goose. It was good to come back here amongst the birds and boats, it's a pity its a long drive from home. I've also found all the caches in this part of the Dengie.

Now off to Southminster for a new CM, quickly snaffled up, and its bonus, a snake in a tupperware box, with a kinder surprise egg in its mouth? I only had enough time to find a mini meander and to dip one of the same series. I'll be back some other time.

3617, on track for 4K by the November Meeting.