24. Aug, 2016

Hadleigh Bird Talk Bonus - 23rd August

Another scorcher but needs must as I have a window of 70 mins so it's off to find the bonus of the bird walk. I got to GZ and there was a chap dangling his feet, I presumed in the pond. As his mountain bike was next to him, I presumed he was cooling his feet. No, he was looking at some frogs and Odanata. Silly me!

I got the hint straight away and soon found the cache that had lain untouched for 15 months! reminding myself that I had another candidate for the Essex Resuscitator cache, I moved on hoping to get a few stages of the Rocky Road Extreme WIG sorted. Trouble was I had to slog back up the hill to start it. I managed four stages until I ran out of time so nicely set for next time!

I've seen a challenge cache where I would need to find 260 caches this month to qualify. I have 184, will I get there?