24. Aug, 2016

Rocky Ride Extreme

Having walked around the Olympic Mountain Biking course a few times recently, I've been thinking that I would have liked to have seen the event in 2012, a bit late now though!

Another scorching day but I wanted to finish the course that I'd started yesterday. Getting to stage 3, it was off to the next stage and the next, etc., How these blokes rode a bike down here, amazes me as it's hard enough just walking the track.

I seemed alright for time so kept on until I got in the final zone but I must have been three stone lighter! Working out the coords for the cache, I thought that if GZ was back down that bloody hill, it can wait for another time. Luckily it was about half a mile away in the wooded section so I gave it a whirl.

I faffed around GZ for a few moments until I saw a likely spot in the trees and there it was! I signed the log, took a couple of photos and replaced the cache. I dragged myself back to the car, and was hit by a wall of heat when I opened the door. I drove in a sauna on the way home.

BTW the cache was a 5/5, another one for the list.