26. Aug, 2016

Fordham FryUp ...Me on 25th August

Thursday, my day out, the temperature is going to drop by ten degrees, it's going to rain... all good signs for a good days walking. What a con, it was hotter, I was on a circular walk and halfway  through, I'd had enough, questioning why I was here in the first place, couldn't find a simple cache. I gave up and shuffled off towards the car which according to cache distance, 2km.

I even couldn't find a 1.5/1.5 magnetic cache, I'd lost the will to cache. I was almost back to the car, when Kathy ran to say that the other car, a Ka, had overheated and she was calling the AA! Happy days!

When I got home the AA man was there, having temporarily fixed the problem - a broken thermostat housing - but no other damage apart from an estimated £100 damage to the wallet!

On the geocaching front, 13 for the day including a CM, a puzzle solved for another day, a NM awarded for non attendance and some caches to keep an eye on. Not what I'd planned but it'll have to do in the circumstances.

Later in the day, I'd realised that I'd been running on EMPTY and I will have to re-appraise tactics, i.e. go out earlier or later in the day.