27. Aug, 2016

GC Mission Accomplished Again

Today I needed a puzzle cache to accomplish the latest mission. I had a couple of solved puzzles up my sleeve near Maldon so I made an early start to miss the heat.

On the way to Mundon, I picked up a letterbox and two trads but suffered a DNF 😥 at Hazeleigh View. At one of the trads, I found three caches in a 12 inch tree hollow. It seems that there had been DNFs there and the CO couldn't find the cache and put replacements down. However they were there all the time!

I found a Victorian post box in Hazeleigh still in daily use. I haven't seen many of these, only in Bradwell-on-Sea and Little Burstead, and I'd like to find more.

I found Professor Provolone's Picto cache near Maldon for my GC Mission souvenir and celebrated by picking up four trads around the road out to Northey Island. I must organise a trip out there for that series of caches.

As a finale, I found another puzzle and letterbox in South Maldon to round off a splendid morning. Ten caches found, 2 puzzles, 2 letterboxes and six trads and I never melted.