29. Aug, 2016

Mr Gnarley, the Oak in Suburbia!

After a very late night at an Open Mic night at The Green Man in Herongate, the anticipated early start this morning didn't materialise  so the Dad's Army series in Hartford End waits for another day.

Now with limited time and shopping to get, I decided to brave the dreaded roadworks in Nevendon and have a look at the three new caches in Wickford. First The Oaks turned out to be a wooded area in the Carter & Ward estate and the cache was quickly found because of the generous hint. The CO had obviously bought a job lot of camo bags as there were two inside the ammo box.

A short walk over to Suburbia revealed a splendid cache which I'd only seen the like of once before in a cache called I think Watch Out For Horses near Hullbridge. I'll have to go back to get a photo of the cache for my blog gallery.

Mr Gnarley was an extremely quick find in more woods that I hadn't ventured into before. Technically not woods as it's called Giddings Copse, which begs the question, who was Giddings. Not the Derek, I went to Barstable with, many years ago, I suspect!

So three trads quickly found for the day as I had the dinner in the boot of the car and I had to get home.