1. Sep, 2016

Southminster Sojourn

I had a couple of hours so decided to whizz over to Burnham to pick up a few caches. First on this list was to re-visit Tinkers Hole to pick up the recently replaced cache. It was a quick find as I knew where it was. I took a photo of the infamous street sign.

Then off to another replaced cache near the cemetery. The cache is a multi based around information gleaned from the gravestones of the CO's family. I'd spent an hour traipsing around the cemetery looking at stones to finally get the info for the coords to GZ. The hint was at my calculated GZ and it was a great disappointment that I had another DNF. 

I see that I contacted the CO to check my calculations back in February but got no reply. It was a disappointment not to find the new cache today. I've sent another e-mail hoping I'll get a reply. I'm not wandering up and down that lane again until I get an answer.

After this extended search, I only had time to check on one more cache. Another re-visit which has suddenly resurfaced after quite a few DNFs. It was obvious that this was a replacement but not logged as such but I was glad of a quick find all the same.

On the way back to the car, I chanced upon a tucked away farm shop where I was really pleased to buy some local Discovery apples and Victoria plums. Buy local and put money into the local economy.