4. Sep, 2016

A Few Highlights - 3rd September

I'd planned a walk around Kelvedon today starting with a Mr Crow trad. I had to pass through a farm near the Essex Fire HQ and spotted some interesting iron work. As it was early, I though I'd take a photograph if possible on the way back. After the cache, I luckily ran into the farm owner and had a decent chat with him. 

The farmhouse dates from 1451 and I had a guided tour of the place. Really interesting and he said he wanted to have an open day so everyone could see the splendour not just his family.

The iron work was a flat roller produced by the Wrekin Foundry near Telford probably in the 1940s. The farmer had forgotten that it was there!

As I'd spent so much time talking, I only got to do another four trads plus one DNF but I had another great discovery, an Edward VII postbox. I've never seen one before. There can't be many around as the King abdicated not long after he was crowned in 1936.

its not all about the numbers is it?