5. Sep, 2016

Tilbury Town and Graze

After resting yesterday, I needed to find a cache today so it was off to one of the nearest and quickest to get to - Tilbury, to Go Fishing. This is the first cache set by Hedgepig and The Sticky Bandit and it was a git to find!!

I'm confronted by a steel bridge leading to a new industrial estate, so is it magnetic? No clues but fishing could mean it's hanging somewhere off the bridge. It was a nano tucked away within the ironwork anchored by about six inches of nylon line but I found it in the end!

With a little time left, I was off to Grays to check out The Aliens Have Landed, a 5/3, which I have looked at a few times. I found a war memorial and a code to be solved to get stage 2. I'll see what lies at the next stage when I get back this way.