6. Sep, 2016

Essex Apples Beano

Having got the news at the weekend that the apples at Lathcoats Farm in Great Baddow were now in season, I'd been making plans for a visit. A splendid lunch at The Beehive Cafe was followed by a tasting session of the available apple varieties in the farm shop.

Eight varieties were tasted and Festival and Discovery were chosen for today. Whilst we were there we stocked up with local berries and plums, silly not too.

Whilst we were in the cafe, I looked to see if there were any geocaches in the area that I hadn't found apart from Dub1, one of the banes of my life. Lunchtime was not the time to look for that one! I spotted Beano in Essex #3 near The Running Mare, probably a mile away so off we went.

It was a very quick find here, a green hanging nano. That keeps the list ticking over nicely, I think I'm up to two consecutive days caching :-))