7. Sep, 2016

Danbury's Not Common At All!

An early start today so I drove up to Danbury Common to look for the new series of caches that have been published. I'd been told that there are some decent field puzzles in the series. 

I found 8 of the 12 on offer, 3 that I never looked for due to time constraints and one DNF. There were field puzzles with magnetic, propelling and searching properties. There were traditionals hidden in holes in trees and 18' up a tree, under piles of logs and all sorts.

The only one I couldn't solve was one where a combination lock had to be opened In order to extract the log sheet. I had no luck there and although I've been given another hint from a friend,  I still can't get my head around it.Hopefully when I return in a few days to try for the others, I may strike lucky with the lock!