10. Sep, 2016

Gusted Not Gutted

A spare couple of hours so I popped over to Gusted Hall Woods in Hawkwell to look for the three trad extension to the little series over there. It didn't take long to find these well placed but easy to find caches. I found a hedgehog, a warbler and a troll.

With time to spare, I went looking for the Hockley Woods Bonus cache, a puzzle that has recently been found again after a prolonged period of hibernation. I looked all around GZ and was on the point of abandonment, when I moved a few more yards up the path and caught a glimpse of what I was looking for poking out from its hiding place.

I just had time for another, so I went to find the Kiln Wood Brickfield cache that has been eluding searchers for a few months. Once I'd read the hint, the place was obvious but the cache still needed teasing out as did the tiny log. Another green spot on the Geocaching map became a radiant smiley face.

Five caches found on the day, 4 trads and a puzzle, can't be bad, can it?