13. Sep, 2016

Brownsea Birthday Bash - 12th September

Although my birthday was yesterday, this is the present! We arrived at Poole Quay and caught the noon ferry across to the island. After flashing our membership cards at the National Trust entrance, we had a pleasant walk up to the church to try to find the CM, probably the most isolated CM in England. It was a multi so I worked out the coords in the church and noted that the there was a fireplace. I can't remember ever seeing one in a church before. 

After a quick find at GZ and signing the log, we were joined by a Red Squirrel who looked quizzically at what we were doing. I said "we're geocaching" and it took off like a rocket. It was our only sighting of the day and only our second ever sighting, the previous being years ago in Cumbria.

I went off to find the site of BP's experimental scout camp and gathered two more trads on the way. We lunched at the NT cafe and caught the ferry which took the scenic route around the harbour back to Poole Quay. After a DNF at the nearby CM, I set the iPhone to the coords of the Winchester Cathedral CM and set off.

Back in Winchester, it was a quick find on the CM and then off to gain a virtual in the Cathedral grounds, something Fusion. Then we went off to eat in the hotel.