16. Sep, 2016

A120, such a noisy road!

I'd had my eye on this corner of Essex, the Canfield, Takeley and Eastons triangle for ages now and today's the day.

I parked up at Little Canfield Church and started the RAF Great Dunmow loop, 16 caches and 7 miles. I was hoping for a lot of militaria but sadly one apart from a piece of vehicle tracking but one item is better than none. All caches in place plus another 2 trad caches on the Dunmow Flitch Trail for good measure.

After lunch, I started on the Little Canfield Loop, another 9 caches and 3 miles which ended on the Flitch Trail back near the church. It was interesting that I retrieved a TB from one cache which has an interesting history.

It was released in Michigan in 11/2003 and has only moved on 40 times!! It got lost in Germany for ten years and only came to light in 2015. Hopefully I can move it somewhere interesting soon.

It was getting hot so I went into "C&D" mode as I didn't want to burn out like I did a couple of weeks ago. So I picked up 3 CMs and another trad but DNFed another 2 CMs.

So the final tally was 35 trads which will push me towards my November goal.