20. Sep, 2016

Catch Up Caches



19/9 - Just time for one today, a trad just down the road at the FIve Bells. The Harvester people can call it what they like but everyone locally knows it by its original name. There has been a pub here for centuries and I can remember the blacksmiths in operatigon next door. 

When I was in the Boy Scouts, I can remember our patrol, the Kestrels, coming down here with a brass primus stove which had a pinhole in the base. The blacksmith repaired the stove with solder. I don't remember if he charged us or not.

Anyway back to now, First Date was a very well placed nano. The trouble was that there is a steady stream of traffic past the cache and when the pub is busy, there are normally loads of punters around.

20/9 - I had an hour today so I drove over to Sweyne Park in Rayleigh to find another trad which hasn't been out for long. It has only been found the once! Hunting In The HedgeRow is a very simple but cleverly hidden nano which took me a few minutes to find but there it was right in front of my eyes.