22. Sep, 2016

Hatfield Forest Fantastics

My planned day was cut in half but I still came to Hatfield Forest as I wanted to turn this neck of the woods smiley rather than green! I am a member of the National Trust so parking was sort of free. I parked up and set out to the Southern most part of the forest to solve the Southern Trail. These were fairly ease to find ammo boxes but there was a lot of tramping to get to them.

And then I latched on to the Run Around's Ramble series!! One made me jump out of my skin when I finally stumbled onto it. The others were all types of cache that I was unfamiliar with. There were four that had combination locks but were all different! One was a type that I'd only ever heard of but managed to open it up. One I couldn't open but was fooled by the COs exit strategy.

A great half day and I can't wait to finish up all the caches in the forest. Next time I may have time to visit the cafe.