25. Sep, 2016

Tiptree Triumphs almost!! - 24th September

Another visit to Jamland to pick up some more of the caches over there. My main goal was the Conyfield Woods series but I had to pick up some stragglers from a footpath that I'd visited a couple of weeks ago. I picked up 5 out of 6 trads but missed out on Not So Easy #2. This was one of these where you have to find the spot to see the cache from. Guess what I was out of luck!

Then it was a couple of miles up the road to Conyfield Woods to seek out a newish series set by Mr Crow. Unusually these were trads not puzzles but I'd heard good reports about them. So I found the first cache and could guess the theme. A duck, a pig that honked when touched, one that I thought would be a croc but it wasn't. I gave 2 caches a fave as well as the series. I picked up a Von Keiller cache on the edge of the woods too.

So 13 caches on the day and one DNF for my trouble, not a bad day until I got home that it is.