2. Oct, 2016

Cressing to Coggeshall Cache Up - 29/9

I wanted to have a go at the recently resurrected series of the Essex Way between Cressing and Coggeshall. I started off at Cressing Church at 0745, quickly picking up the Cressing Cache. The series was fairly simple but a great walk. I also picked up a few of the Longer Landda series and was in Coggeshall at 1030.

I sorted out a cab and drank a coffee while I was waiting. The cabbie, who went to Timberlog School, which now has a private housing estate on it, including our house, took me back to Cressing for the next phase of the day. The fare was a tenner, off meter, not bad I thought.

I picked up a few trads on the way back to Coggeshall via the Pattiswick CM, which was a lucky find, but who cares?  I had a DNF at Coggesghall CM but spotted a VR postbox across the road! I then went down to Coggeshall Hamlet and picked up 3 trads but had a DNF along the river. However the scenery was lovely so I look forward to coming back.

With a couple of hours left I decided to go over to Great Notley for Yorkie's 50th series. This was fun to do as there were differing caches and only one DNF out of the nine. I'll do the bonus on another day.

So on the day, I added 58 caches to my tally with all but one multi, being trads. A great day's work here.