6. Oct, 2016

Prittle Brook Series - 4th October

I had a couple of hours for geocaching today so I thought I'd do a few of this series. The Prittle Brook runs east to west through Leigh into Southend. It would be great if you had a car at each end and walked along the brook but doing it by car is tricky.

So it was down the A13, parking near the Manchester Drive allotments and to #1 which wasn't too much of a problem. Walking on towards the allotments, #2 was trickier. There had been a couple of DNFs but I made a quick find. I drove on to get near to #3 but the satnav was no help here. I was stuck down a cul de sac and made the decision to drive to near to #4 and work things from there.

I walked a few hundred years back to #3, passing an EVII pillar box on the way, my first! Although there was a tree with ivy at GZ, the hint was spot on. Moving on to #4, the hint was good but it took a while for the penny to drop but I found it.

Then it was on to #5 which had a lot of DNFs and I wondered if it was still there. I looked everywhere apart from where the hint said, although I was on the right track! I had one last look and there it was. After logging the cache, the CO contacted me and thanked me for finding it. There had so many DNFs that they were also worried that it had gone. Having found it, there's no chance that it'll get muggled.

On the way home, I was watching out for pillar boxes and spotted a GV box which would have had a sign on it, sadly it was missing.