10. Oct, 2016

It's Earthcache Day!

After a quieter night last night so it was earlier to be out and about today. After breakfast, we set off for home via Beaumont where I had  unfinished business! Armed with the correct coords, I made a quick find of the errant cache. It wasn't where it was supposed to be but had become detached and I found the cache under much undergrowth. I replaced it where it should be and set off for my next port of call.

I needed an Earthcache to gain my souvenir for International Earthcache Day. My plan was to visit St Mary's Church, Great Bentley to check out some geology based on a local stone called Ferricrete. I'd never seen this stone before but there were many examples decorating the church. I also noted some roman tiles in one of the walls. It seems that anything useful was used in the construction of the church.

So I gained a puzzle and an earthcache today as well my souvenir for the day.