12. Oct, 2016

Prittlewell Pathway - 11th October

I had a spare couple of hours so I drove down to the home of football, Roots Hall in Southend to finish off the Prittlewell Greenway series that I'd started last week. A dry day so even better. I had planned to do the multi in Priory Park called The Bandstand but there had been a few DNFs so I gave it a miss.

It was a good walk along the side of the Brook finding disguised Nanos and a hedgehog key safe. In fact the latter caused most problems, I only spotted it because it had been put back upside down. I saw the white of the label on the bottom and voila!

Along the path were some wooden sculptures by a local chain saw sculptor. They'd obviously taken some love and time to shape but some scrote had found the tome to vandalise one.

I've been having some problems with the stats on Project GC hopefully the algorithms will sort themselves out soon.