14. Oct, 2016

Canvey Island Turns All Smiley

With news that the cache at Scars Elbow in Canvey Island had been found again, I thought that I'd try to find the only cache remaining to be found up by me. I'd been before and I'm sure that I'd read that it was a hanging nano but I couldn't find it that time.

The latest report was that the bushes had been cut down so I thought I'd quickly see the nano on the fence. It's 1.3Km for the Lobster Smack pub past the Oikos and Calor gas terminals but I made short time getting there. Alas there was nothing on the fence so I'd got it wrong last time.

I faffed around for a while but luckily spotted the end of a clear plastic nano in the end of a small log! So there it was all along. I quickly signed the log and set off back along the sea wall.

As I walked back, straining to look for sea traffic over the high sea wall, I noted an old building in the Calor gas terminal which reminded me on the WW2 De-gaussing place further east along the sea wall. Further research doesn't show any light on it but it would be interesting to know of its history.

To add to the excitement of the day, I spotted a Clouded Yellow butterfly looking for its foodstuff but it never settled so it was out of luck. It didn't seem warm enough to encourage butterflies to fly but this migrant was defying the odds. It's a pity that I wasn't able to photograph it.