17. Oct, 2016

Shoebury and the Lost Church - 15th October

As usual, I go geocaching early in the morning, setting off to be where I want to be by dawn as I need to be back by ten. Today I decided to drive down the A127, knowing it wouldn't be a carpark as usual and try to find the caches on the North Shoebury Trail.

I have a vested interest in this series as I let the CO adopt my North Shoebury CM to be part of the series. I note that my previous cache now #2 in the series is disabled, suffering the same problems as I had, I digress.

So it's nice and early at the first cache, so early there was a sleepy Grey Squirrel guarding the cache. He scooted when he saw that I meant business! Signing the log and moving on, I had a bit of difficulty accessing GZ but I saw another path in and bingo, a quick sign and dash. I headed up to the Asda store where I made short work of the bolt disguised as a cache. Then off up to the road to Wakering to find a nice box hiding behind a green BT box.

My next port of call was the Garons Sports complex on the way back home. It was surprisingly empty here as I set off walking the footpath to one of my nemesis caches, the SEE:IT #3 Prow. This series had been adopted by a number of local cachers, me included, after the COs emigrated to Oz. I had heard that this cache was a golf ball, very fitting as it's in the middle of a golf course. The hint suggests a disguised log but anyway I had two goes at it but it remains a nemesis.

In between time, I walked up to The Lost Church of St Mary Magdalen on the way to Shopland now resuscitated by Strod & Trod. I have an interest in this church as the bell was removed from here and placed in one of my local churches, St Chad's in Vange. It seems to me that a hedge had been grubbed out on the way, resulting in innumerable electric fence gates instead. I also had a another look at the Type 22 pillbox.

I found the bespoke cache and opened it up easy enough but could I get it back together again, NO! After ten minutes or so, I realised where I was going wrong! i couldn't make up,for lost time so it was a hotfoot back to the car, with a brief look at PROW, and off home.

Five trads on the day, one DNF, not a bad little haul!