17. Oct, 2016

364/366 only 2 days to cover! - October 16th

I needed to find a cache today as I hadn't found a cache on the 16th October. I had a couple of hours in the early afternoon and was planning to pick up some errant caches in the Grays area. I checked my e-mails and noted that a Sidetracked cache had been activated in Stanford-le-Hope. It seemed silly not to try to find it.

I parked up near the station, had a good idea where the cache was lurking but had to wait as there was a constant stream of passers-by. Then I pounced, gathered up the cache and walked up the road signing the log. I spun around and walked back to GZ and swiftly replaced the cache. I forgot to say that I was First To Find so I'd beaten everyone to it!

On the way to the car, I spotted a George V post box with a box on the side. I found out later that this was a box for a second post pouch and they should all have been removed by order of English Heritage!

After this I drove to Grays, picking up Secret Spy and then off to West Thurrock for three more trads along the river. So it was five trads on the day including a FTF, can't be too bad.