19. Oct, 2016

Dengie Delivery

Another couple of hours so it's off to the Dengie again. I can be in Stow Maries or is it still Stow St. Mary's locally in 24 mins and there were a couple of new caches out there for me.

However, I have had the bonus for Clements View #6 overlooking the Crouch in my black book for at least a year so I was going for that first. I put the coords into Google maps but knew which layby I was going to park in. When I got there I realised that Google had a better idea and there was a road, wonderfully called Crows Lane, which would take me closer!

So I parked up in Crows Lane and walked a couple of hundred yards to GZ admiring the magnificent view all the way. As I approached, I could see dense hedge so looked for an opening. At the desired spot, I forced my way through the obstacle and I could see the cache in front of me. All dry, so signed log and turned led back to the car.

It was a quick find at VS Stow Maries so on to Palepit Corner where there had been some fun and games recently. CazMockett had had words with an irate local and retired to come again another day. I was prepared for an altercation as I pulled up at GZ and I was in one of those blind spots such as in The Great Escape where the guards couldn't see you hiding! 

I had a quick look in the obvious places and then spotted the cache on the floor. I signed the log but couldn't decide where to replace it so I put it where I thought that it would be safest, letting the CO what I'd done.

Then off for another dip out at the Latchingdon Water Tower. I know it's there and it's enjoying me  hunt for it but one day I'll find the blighter!