21. Oct, 2016

Boxted to Dedham Again - 20th October

The main thrust of the day was to finish off the rest of the Essex Way B2D series which runs from Boxted to Dedham. It would have been great to walk it in one go but I had the car so had to organise it into manageable sections.

I started off just north of the A12 in Colchester on the Great Horkesley Road finding 2 out of 3 trads in a small series, a CM in Boxted and a few more trads before starting the walk. As I said, I did it in sections, then back to the car, driving to the next section etc., I found the CM at Langham and a few off the series before setting off to Dedham to start another circular.

Recent reports told of four DNFs on the last stretch of the B2D but I had no problems at all, they have been set to be found and some were seen on the approach. There was a scare though. the sign on the gate said "Bull In Field" but I'd seen these before but not seen the bull. This time there was a bloody big Charolais bull by the cache and I hid out of view for about ten minutes while it ambled off. It was sign and run away. There were no more incidents on this section.

Once I was back in Dedham, I had lunch and then picked up some trads around the river and worked my way up to Higham via the CM at Stratford St Mary. I thought that Higham was in Essex but it seems that the two CMs there were in Suffolk. I picked up a couple more trads in Stratford St Mary before setting off for home.

Stats wise, it was 44 finds on the day, including 5 CMs, one of them a multi. Four DNFs was sad but you can't win them all! Oh and I passed the 4000 cache barrier:-)).