23. Oct, 2016

Ramsey Island Series and a Southend Bonus

I decided that I would drive up to Ramsey Island early on and have a try at NathanJHunts new series along the sea wall. Five trads of varying difficulty which had D/Ts based on the summer activity. The first was a 3/2 but probably a 10/2 in the summer but it was a quick delve, grab and away.

The second situated near a pillbox surrounded by rocks described as "under a rock" was difficult but I got it on the way back, quickly enough. The other three were quickly found and I drove home accompanied by my latest Kentucky Headhunters CD a very happy boy.

However it was not the end of geocaching activities for the day as we had the opportunity to visit Southend on Sea in the afternoon. Whilst the others were shopping, I was able to walk out to Fisherman's Friend along the pier. This is supposed to be easy enough but the stream of muggles would make extraction difficult. What was difficult was that the cache had been pushed so far behind the hint that I had to take extreme measures to grab the cache, but I did it.

I also had time to get the answers to the Southend Pier puzzle cache. I visited the Pier Museum to get some of the answers but to be honest they were as much use as a chocolate teapot. I got answers to questions that can only be answered in the pier foyer and I soon had the coords. However they wouldn't on google maps, I realised later that the blue circle was obscuring the pin. Anyway I have the coords for next time.

So six trads, a visit to the Pier Museum and a great time out with the family. Not too bad, was it?