24. Oct, 2016

Trumping the Acer in Gloucester Park

I noted that the Acer had been found but the successful cacher posted a picture of the cache. So I knew what I was looking for and the background! I popped over there today and positioned myself at the right spot and virtually put my hand right on it!!

I must have walked past it one hundred times but it was good to sign the log and tick this one off of my list. This is the only cache for the day and I'm now on 4043 found.

I'd decided to put my solved puzzles but not found in an indexed book in place order so I can quickly refer if I'm caching in a place. I bought a cheap A5 one in Staples which will do nicely. Whether I try to find them soon, I don't know as I'm still toying with attempting a 40 ? in a day challenge. I have to solve 40 puzzle caches first though!!