1. Nov, 2016

Money Talks - 30th October

I needed a walk to clear my head this morning so I decided to drive over to Hullbridge for a longwalk along the seawall. Luckily there was a cache By The River, Crouch on the way down to Brandy Hole!

The tide was high and the river was busy with canoes and larger craft. There is always a large population of Mute Swans here attracted by regulars in the Anchor and the Smugglers Den. It was a pleasant walk, in great weather for the time of year and the yards were quickly eaten up by my brisk pace. Closer to GZ, the houses got bigger and had their own landing stages for their yachts and motor boats; there's money down here!

When I got to the site of the cache, there was a great hint and therefore a very quick find. After signing the log and replacing the cache, all I had to do was walk the 1.3km back to the motor.

I've recently been noticing the different types of letter boxes whilst out geocaching and today I spotted a G6R wall box outside the post office. That was nice!