12. Nov, 2016

R2P and P2R - 10th November

Well the day started with a DNF and only got marginally better during the day. I thought I'd try to pick up some more of the Felsted Hamlet series. I'd found some and DNFed many on the series but it's not being maintained. I was keen to try to get what was left, re-visit those I'd found, get enough numbers for the bonus. So I started at the recently replaced (by another cacher) Willow Green cache but it was gone, I reckon a local is removing it! So I said Bow Locks to the series and moved on to Rayne.

I picked up a few around Rayne including the CM, the war memorial and the Mustangs of Rayne commemorating a Polish fighter pilot from the nearby airfield. I also dipped three caches on the Flitch Way. Why people don't put a hint on a cache when it's in a poor caching location , I don't have a clue.

As I was driving past Rayne PO on the way to the cafe at the former Rayne railway station when I spotted a G6R Ludlow Wall Box. I had to stop and photograph it. Another couple of DNFs and I was on my way to R2P but took a wrong turn ended up on the A120 and had to turn off at Braintree.

I noted that there were a couple of caches and I was able to find them. So off to my target of the day, the R2P and P2R series. I'd been looking at these for a while. Each series had a bonus cache,  with numbers in the caches to use to gain coords for the bonus. It all went well for a while, gaining 5/6 of the Rayne to Panfield series. There was a twist that the bonus number was hidden in the text of the cache information so I as able to find the bonus cache ok. 

Then it all went downhill. I noted that there were many DNFs previously but was hopeful that I'd be ok. What an error of judgement! Ivy, a brown leaf amongst autumn leaf litter and more ivy! P2R3 was in the middle af a thicket and it was ivy everywhere so guess what the hint was? I think I was questioning my involvement in the hobby at this stage. I found 2/6 in the series but had the coords for the bonus but y'know I couldn't be bothered!

I had a count up and had reached a paltry 19 caches for 7 hours geocaching so I went for a quick C&D to reach 20. So what did I get? A CM, a puzzle, 19 trads and about ten DNFs my worst day ever. Perhaps I'll get my mojo back soon.