18. Nov, 2016

Essex Meet-Up - 16th November

This was held at the Green Man PH in Little Braxted, a pleasant little country pub which as overrun by geocachers for the evening! 

Lots of chat with faces that I'm getting to know gradually. I spent a lot of time with the P of PCH and Snr Parrots, a new face, who was wearing a Basildon Tractor Plant 50th Anniversary jacket. P was telling me about the latest place to join his country list, finding his 38th on a cruise taking n Greenland!

I had shorter chats with OG&B (about his recent operation), Yorkie, Vanguard3 (about his latest CM tour) and Infinison. The latter was pointing out where I'd gone wrong on my recent foray with his R2P and P2R series. I must write all that down before I forget.

i had the briefest of hello and goodbye with the Beast and with Caz about her visit to a series out near Coopersale that day. Nathan and HTT? showed up late and I was hoping for a pointer on the Woodham Ferrers CM and I gained a glimmer of hope which I must investigate soon.

This was my best meeting yet. I'm talking to more people and gaining more information about this great hobby.