18. Nov, 2016

Layer but no Cake

I got to The Layer Breton VS about 10 to start the day off with failure! If it's there it's bloody well hidden! I moved on picking up a few that I'd failed on before before parking up and talking the Dax Resurrected series and the Pat's Cache series. This went very well with rain holding off.

I was writing up the log at the Leas Lane cache when two squaddies yomped past so I called out telling them to keep up the good work! Then about 50 army recruits probably on basic training yomped past with heavy packs on their backs, no rifles though. I again called out a few keep it ups as they probably thought "who's that nutter in the woods".

I carried on with the series, failing at a Nutty Nano cache, before doubling back to do more Dax's. It was at this point that my battery died so back to the car for a recharge of myself with lunch and the battery from the car.

I moved on to Layer de la Haye to find some clever caches, one a 4.5/1.5 at the old water pump and then off to the PO for a coffee. I noted an "M" type LB outside so I had to take a photo. Then it was off to the Malting Green series but I only managed 3 plus one DNF before a heavy rain squall hit town. Luckily I wasn't out in the open, managing to take shelter in a copse so didn't get that wet.

It was getting on so I packed up searching for caches and meandered home searching for letter boxes. I was rewarded with a fine OOU G5R Ludlow Wall Box in Tolleshunt D'Arcy and a Nigerian pattern PB in Goldhanger.

So 20 caches on the day, all trads, and some fine letter boxes to finish the day, great stuff!