20. Nov, 2016

Kelvedon Hatched - 19th November

An early start and as always I start the day with a DNF in Brentwood. Moving on I picked up a couple of trads around Navestockside and then onto Kelvedon Hatch. I found 2 of the 3 Father Ted series on offer and then I got waylaid by some letter boxes!

I found a E7R pillar box which turned out to be quite rare, a G6R and a G5R wall box and a couple of E2R lamp boxes, one of which is not on the LBSG list!

Back caching, I had a DNF on the first Blakes 7 cache that I looked for so left the rest of the series as I needed the bonus number. I'll wait until I know that it hasn't got missing. I then had a go at a new series in Stondon Massey which got me quite muddy. A great walk along a footpath that I hadn't travelled before but it wasn't circular, just a there and back!

8 trads for the morning, a few unusual letter boxes and home by ten, all good stuff.