26. Nov, 2016

Chelmsford Crusade

Saturday morning, early start, scrape the ice of the widescreen and get to Chelmsford for dawn, to get a couple of hours caching before the hurley burley of the day starts. First stop, the Graham Gooch statue in New London Road and a quick find of the trad that I'd missed out on before. Nearby was the cache on the site of the old Chelmsford City ground and one on a bridge over the Chelmer. Three caches in quick time, 20 mins, and away before the parking restrictions kick in at 0800.

The next cache was about 400 yards away but I had to drive round the city to get there. Another trad and then move on to get the bonus of the Marconi series, the Legacy. Believe it or not it was another quick find. I retrieved a TB from this one, it'll be interesting to see where it wants to go?

I went across town, parked in the Riverside car park and bought an hour of time. I whizzed along the Chelmer Valley river walk, picking up six out of seven trads, travelling up to the Uni and back all in my allotted time. Unbeleivably a jumper was checking the cars, so it was a good job that I stuck to my hour's worth!

So 11 caches on the day, not a bad haul. Off home for eggs on toast!