2. Dec, 2016

Brightlingsea Bonanza - 1st December

I ventured further afield today and set off for Brightlingsea. As usual, I started off with a DNF, it was there but searching for something green in ivy, I'm not going to waste much time.

I carried on with the rest of the A2B series, gaining 23 out of 25 caches and the Earthcache at Flag Creek. There were some clever caches in the series especially the alligator in the tree!

When I'd finished, I moved onto to a mix of drive bys and short walks picking up a number of trads and a puzzle CM. I also looked for an errant pillar box at the Post Office which turned out to be an "A" type, which I fed back to the LBSG.

With these shortened days, I cut the caching short about 30 mins before dusk, arriving home after dark. I found 35 caches on the day, 34 trads, a CM  but had four DNFs, I think. I'll probably be back next week to gather another decent haul, well I hope so.