5. Dec, 2016

Billericay Bears Fruit - 3rd December

Another early start but not too far today as the rest of the new series of CachingCrew caches in Billericay has been published. I started though at the re-published Next Stop London cache near the station and then set off into Lake Meadows for three trads of the CachingCrews. Two were quick but one was difficult but overcome. 

I went from there to the bonus which was easy and then off for the remainder of the series in Rosebay Avenue. One, a 3/2, had a 1 in 5 strike rate, ie only only person had found it, make that two now :-) the others were quick finds.

Then it was up to Stock for the Water Tower cache which I'd failed at before but once I got there, it was a quick find. Perhaps I read the hint this time, as it led me straight there. Nine trads on the day, mustn't grumble.