12. Dec, 2016

Writtle Ford to Chipping Ongar - 8th December

The plan was to tackle the resurrected section of the Essex Way between Willingale and Cannons Green but I'd start at Writtle Ford. I had a quick find of the re-instated cache and very pleased that the ford was dry!

I picked up a couple of orphans before parking up outside the two churches in Willingale. I had decided to break the 14 cache series in parcels so I walked from #14 back to #8 with 7 easy trads but amazingly 5 FTFs in this area of FTF hound territory.

A brisk walk back to the car passing a shooting party and I drove to #7 where I quickly worked out the coords on the multi but there was a problem with the maths. I was very pleased when I spotted The Avenue Two walking towards me. After the handshakes and cuddles, we worked out the COs error and walked to GZ for a quick find. After more handshakes and cuddles we set off in our separate ways.

I picked up the rest of the series plus another multi at Viking Treasure and then set off for Fyfield for a couple of multis but I couldn't find anywhere to park! I carried on to Moreton where I pick up a CM and another trad before going back to try my luck at Fyfield. Picking up another trad an multi on the way, I arrived at Fyfield sports ground hoping to find a puzzle.

This one led me a right dance but with the help of a texted friend and being fortified by lunch, I eventually struck lucky but about an hour had passed. I did pick the trad set by the local Scout group. I had no luck with the two multis in the village so was somewhat disappointed here.

Time was getting on so I headed over to Ongar where I had a crack at the Pi series. This has a bonus that would fill a gap on my D/T grid so was keen to gain some of the bonus clues. I found four of the six that I searched for but the clues don't make any sense yet. Perhaps they will when I find the rest of the clues! I also was able to get the coords for the walk about Ongar multi which I'll save for another day.

So 28 caches, mostly trads, two multis, a ? and a CM. 4 DNFs is not good but all n all a good day.