12. Dec, 2016

Chasing Round Chelmsford - 11th December

Early Sunday and I need caches so I went to the County City to pick up some more stragglers in my allotted couple of hours. Arriving at the Britvic Tower at dawn, I had a quick find of a cleverly hidden cache there, then a couple more including one of the Chelmsford Bridge series.

I spent a little time at an unknown gem, the Quaker Burial ground, searching for graves for the Marriages and the Christy's, but one vital headstone eluded me so I moved on. I've since found the required info on t'net so I'll be back soon. 

I found a cleverly placed trad on the way to what I had left of the Bunny series. I had four quickish finds after rummaging through leaves for a while. Then back home, just in time for breakfast.