14. Dec, 2016

Raised Hopes Not Flagging - 13th December

After a late night on Monday at the O2 watching Rod Stewart, there was no early start this morning. I'd seen Rod years ago when he was fronting the Jeff Beck group at the Manor House. That was a much better night, no kicking footballs and patting balloons then!!

I'd changed my plans early on to go to Chappell not Brightlingsea so the first stop was the new trad in Marks Tey, then three more before parking up near the Chappell CM. After changing footwear,  I was off, sliding under a bridge to locate the CM, and then started the Around Chappell series. This was listed as 14 caches but unfortunately the series is sliding into decline because of CO inactivity which is sad. The scenery is fantastic, lots to see, great walking country but now long gaps between caches.

I found all the available caches bar one and I was the third DNF on that so it's probably got lost. I picked up a couple of isolated caches, finishing at the multi based on the viaduct. There was such a variety of WW2 defences here, two spigot mortars, a pill box for a field gun and many anti tank blocks. There was also the history of the viaduct to take in.

After lunch, I found four out of five trads that I looked for including Wakes Colne CM. It was whilst standing on a bench inside a bus shelter signing a log that I got a message from Fenners saying that the Flagging puzzle cache in Writtle was back in play!

I had tried for this one a couple of times but it was always missing. The CO said get there quick cos if it went, he'd archive it. I checked the route and times realising that I could get there before it got dark so off I went down the A12.

At GZ, I was in high hopes walking across the playing field but I still couldn't find the thing but another sweep soon had the cache in hand. Whoop, whoop, another one bites the dust!

I achieved 22 caches on the day and only two DNFs. I'm now on 4322 caches in just a few days over two years. I'll change tack on the New Year going for quality rather than quantity. I want to complete a couple of grids and fill a lot of spaces on my Jasmer list.