18. Dec, 2016

Village Signs Up

I took off early today to try to get some more of the Chelmsford Village Sign series. The first two at Sandon and Great Baddow were simple multis and then I went for the Meadgate CM in Great Baddow. The coords were correct as the CO had given them to me but I was the second recent DNF, so is it there?

Then off up to Springfield for a trad VS followed by a disguised log masquerading as Owen's Birthday Cache. I then unsuccessfully tried for PCM2 - Captain Cooks Boat which turned out to be opposite The Endeavour pub in Springfield. I had no coords to go on just descriptions in logs but no joy. I'll have to seek help on this one.

At Boreham VS, it was a quickish find of a trad then it was off up past the former Boreham airfield for another trad at Escape Adversity #9 which was very cunningly placed! Home for breakfast at ten, mission almost accomplished.